Syndication Instructions

The instructions below are for getting your office listings to, ListHub and Zillow websites.  Only the Broker-In-Charge can do this. To sign up for go to and click Other Data Destinations in the left-hand column. Login with your MLS ID, password, and office code and then choose Yes for It will take about 24 hours for your listings to show up on once this has been completed. Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your listing on You found your listing but the information is wrong or incomplete? The following items may help you when trying to establish the problem.

  • In order for your listing to be on your broker-in-charge must first complete the required form which can be found at, click on: Other Data Destinations. Also you must have answered "Y" in the Internet Y/N space when entering the listing.
  • Listing information (new listings, price changes, information changes) goes to every day.
  • Remarks, directions or financial information from your listing are not sent to Only the Syndication Remarks go to
  • The remarks that are on are either the Syndication Remarks entered into Paragon or are taken from a compilation of the features.
  • Photos are sent to daily.
  • Street addresses are given on
  • Mapping is also available.
  • Only your office name and number will display on your listing unless you have purchased a plan with
  • You must include the Zip Code on your listing in Paragon in order for you to find it on To sign your office up to send listings to, you will need to go to and click Create an Account in the top right. Choose 'I am a head broker' and then fill in the information on that page. You can click 'Maximum Marketing' which will send your listings to all 93 (or so) of ListHub’s websites. It will take about 24 hours for your listings to get to the ListHub websites as well.

Zillow/Trulia: To get your office listings to Zillow you will need to sign up for the Broker Data Release program. You can download the Broker Data Release form here. You will fill out the right column on page 3 and send the form to [email protected]. Once we receive the form, we will create a data feed that contains just your office’s listings and email you the login credentials to the feed. You will forward that email to Zillow. You will also need to fill out a form with Zillow. Zillow can be reached at 888-367-4001. There is no charge on either end (TMLS or Zillow) for this program.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (919) 654-5419 or [email protected].

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