SentriLock Lockbox System

Triangle MLS subscribers have an electronic lockbox option available to them through SentriKey™ Real Estate utilizing the SentriLock lockbox system. If you are a TMLS subscriber in good standing and licensed to sell real estate, certified to perform appraisals or licensed to perform home inspections and plan to list or access listed properties, there are steps that you must take to gain access to the SentriLock system. 

What you need to do to obtain access:

  1. New subscribers will receive their credentials to log into the SentriKey™ Real Estate mobile app after completion of the TMLS online orientation. This information is delivered via email.
  2. Click here to find and register for a SentriLock Essentials hands-on training class. 

Additional Resources 

SentriKey™ Real Estate Mobile App  - Learn more here and download it today! 


SentriLock Video Tutorials

SentriLock Homeowner Advantage
*Include this flyer in your listing presentation to show clients the benefits of using a SentriLock Lockbox on their property.

SentriLock Agent Safety

SentriLock Support

If you have any questions, please contact Christy Robertson, TMLS's Lockbox Specialist, at(919) 654-5419 or email: [email protected]. To schedule an in office training with Christy click here. You may also contact TMLS' Help Desk for support at (919) 654-5419.

SentriLock Live Support:  Available from 8:00 am - Midnight (ET) 7 days a week, Number (513) 618-5800, email: [email protected]

Unlicensed Admin Subscribers & SentriLock

SentriLock access is available for unlicensed Administrative Assistants who subscribe to Triangle MLS. Eligible unlicensed Administrative Assistants will be assigned their own access by TMLS and will be able to do the following tasks for the agent(s) they assist (aka their team member).

  • Access key compartment of a team member’s lockbox
  • Release the shackle of their team member’s lockbox
  • Assign and remove lockbox from an office or team member listing
  • Can view and edit their team member’s lockbox information on the SentriLock website


  • The unlicensed Administrative Assistant must be a TMLS subscriber in good standing
  • Administrative Assistants may not share access information or the SentriKey™ Real Estate mobile app
  • Receiving access to SentriLock does not grant the unlicensed Administrative Assistant access to ShowingTime or the MLS system and will not work on unauthorized SentriLock lockboxes
  • The unlicensed Administrative Assistant may not purchase or own a SentriLock lockbock
  • Only the listing agent and Broker-in-Charge are permitted to request a one day code


To apply, the unlicensed administrative assistant needs to:

  1. Register for the SentriLock class for unlicensed admins - Search in Member Calendar
  2. Email the completed forms below to [email protected]  at least one business day before attending class.
  3. Bring a valid photo id to class.

Participant Request to Provide Unlicensed Administrative Assistant SentriLock Access. This form must be signed by the assistant and Broker-in-Charge.

SentriLock Information for Teams - Adding or Removing Members

Adding a Team Member

Removing a Team Member

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