Licensed Home Inspector Subscriber (LHIS)

North Carolina licensed home inspectors can apply for a Licensed Home Inspector subscription to Triangle MLS. This subscription allows home inspectors to schedule inspection appointments through the Showing Service (ShowingTime) and obtain lockbox access to properties in order to complete home inspections when sellers and listing brokers permit it. This subscription does not provide any access to the MLS system.


  1. The candidate may not be a REALTOR®. (REALTORS® seeking inspector access must join the MLS by affiliating with an MLS participating broker or appraiser.)
  2. The candidate must hold an active home inspector license, in good standing, from the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board (NCHILB), as confirmed on the NCHILB website.
  3. The candidate must complete the Triangle MLS Licensed Home Inspector Subscriber Application.
  4. The candidate must pay the setup ($300) and quarterly fees ($66).

This subscription is available to natural persons; subscription is not by company. In the event any individual in a firm of licensed inspectors obtains a subscription, all the licensed inspectors in that firm active in Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Nash, Orange, Person, Vance, Wake and Warren counties of North Carolina must also be LHISs.

LHISs may not share their system login IDs/passwords, lockbox codes, or other access information with other LHISs, other licensed home inspectors, non-licensed staff or contractors (whether those individuals are in the same firm as the LHIS or not), or any other person under any circumstances.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Complete the LHIS Agreement, the Triangle MLS SentriLock User Agreement and the Schedule of Fees form and email all forms to [email protected] or fax it to 919.654.5402.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from Triangle MLS which includes your MLS id and MLS office id.
  3. You will receive an email from ShowingTime inviting you to download the ShowingTime mobile app.  You also have the ability to register yourself at
  4. After your online Orientation has been completed you will receive an email with instructions and logon information for the SentriKey Real Estate App. Please DO NOT attempt to login to the SentriKey Real Estate App before you create your SentriKey account through the link sent to you directly from SentriLock. Click here to watch a short video on accessing a property with a SentriLock electronic lockbox.
  5.  Please read the LHIS Policy as it summarizes eligibility for LHISs in Triangle MLS, as well as their rights and duties.

LHIS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the LHIS program start? 
    * January 15, 2014
  2. Who is eligible to be a LHIS? 
    Click here
     to access the Licensed Home Inspector Subscribers Policy which outlines the eligibility requirements for inspectors as well as their rights and duties.
  3. Are there subscription fees? 
    *Yes, Licensed Home Inspectors will pay a one-time setup fee of $300 and $66 quarterly to subscribe to the service. Click here for a copy of the fee schedule.
  4. How do Licensed Home Inspectors apply? 
    Click here to access the Licensed Home Inspector Subscriber Agreement. Email the completed form to [email protected] or fax it to 919.654.5402.
  5. When will a LHIS be able to schedule appointments through ShowingTime? 
    *Inspectors will be able to access ShowingTime to schedule inspection appointments and obtain lockbox access of properties when sellers and listing brokers have permitted it, the day after all paperwork has been completed and fees have been paid. LHISs will not have any access to the MLS system.
  6. What does this mean for TMLS agents? 
    *Selling agents will not have to meet the inspector at the home for the inspection if the inspector is a LHIS when the listing agent and seller permit the inspector to make appointments through ShowingTime. ShowingTime will provide the LHIS with the information needed to access the property for inspection. LHISs are not permitted to let buyers into the property. Only a licensed TMLS REALTOR® may escort buyers into the property.
  7. Can a REALTOR® bring clients to the home inspection appointment and leave them there with the inspector? 
    *No, this is against the Triangle MLS rules. When the REALTOR® leaves the property, the clients must leave. The LHIS may not grant access to your clients if you are running late or they arrive early.
  8. What rules apply when a LHIS performs an inspection on a listed house but does not involve TMLS? 
    *No TMLS rules apply if the LHIS is not using his or her TMLS subscription to make the inspection appointment through ShowingTime to access the home.
  9. Can a REALTOR® give the lockbox combination to an LHIS to enter the home without going through ShowingTime? 
    Yes, the REALTOR® can give the lockbox combination to the LHIS as long as the LHISs status has been confirmed by performing a member search in the MLS system to verify the LHIS is currently active with Triangle MLS.
  10. If a REALTOR® is meeting an LHIS at the property for an inspection appointment instead of going through ShowingTime and is late, can the LHIS start inspecting the outside of the home? 
    This is between the licensed home inspector and the REALTOR®. Triangle MLS does not prohibit it.
  11. Where can I get a list of active LHISs? 
    To access this information, you can run a Membership Roster in Paragon by clicking on Membership/Membership Roster. You will need to be sure to select Active Only Agents and then under Agent Type put I and select Inspector. Click Search and it will display all of the active Licensed Home Inspector Subscribers.

If you have any questions, please call the Membership Department at (919) 654-5419. Please email all forms to [email protected] or fax them to (919) 654-5402.

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