IDX – stands for Internet Data Exchange. This is a Broker advertising program. This program permits brokers who participate in the program to display each other’s Active, Contingent, Pending and Closed listings on their respective web sites.  Participation in the program is by office/firm. Active, Contingent, Pending and Closed listings of the participating firms are added to the IDX data base. Rules and policies spell out the standards to be met for an authorized IDX web site. Brokers/firms determine their own rules regarding requests for agent web sites displaying IDX listing data.  The Broker/firm must approve, manage and oversee the IDX web sites of their agents. Individual sellers may decline the option of displaying their property information on the Internet.

What is IDX?

IDX is all of the Participant’s listings that have opted in to the Internet Data Exchange program.

  • Your Firm does not have to have a web site to have your listings in the IDX program.
  • Unless you specify that you do not want to participate in IDX, your firm listings will go into the IDX data.
  • If your Firm has been a member of TMLS for more than 4 years, your Firm was grandfathered into the IDX program.

* Note:  listings that are marked Internet no will NOT be displayed in the IDX data.


What are the steps that my Firm needs to go through to show the IDX listings on its Firm website?

  1. Your Firm has agreed to participate in the IDX program. The firm is automatically defaulted to the 'Yes' status unless you specify that you do not want to participate. This form can be found in the Data Distribution Online Signup
  2. Your Firm has a Firm website
  3. Your Firm has three choices as far as their IDX solution:
    1. The Firm can use the TMLS SmartFrame Link that is provided by TMLS for its members. This is a service that TMLS provides free-of-charge.
    2. The Firm can choose one of the registered web vendors to provide the IDX solution.

    3. The Firm can use a vendor of their choice, once the vendor has registered with TMLS.

  4.  Fill out the online IDX paperwork; you can make all of the Firm’s selections online. Directions can be found by going to: . You as the Principal Broker-in-Charge will make all decisions concerning your agents in the online signup.

Triangle MLS SmartFrame 

What is the TMLS SmartFrame? It is a search engine for all of the TMLS IDX listings for your web site. Many REALTORS® call saying that they want all of the TMLS listings on their web site. What they really mean is that they want all of the TMLS IDX listings on their web site. The listings on the TMLS SmartFrame are updated twice daily. There is a quick search and an advanced search of residential listings, land listings, and rentals. There is also a link to your office listings as well as a link for open houses. If you sign up as an agent, you will receive five links, those previously mentioned and one to your own listings. The SmartFrame has multiple photos, Google Map Searches and all of the virtual tours. The TMLS SmartFrame is a service that we provide for our subscribers at no additional charge. It is not intended to be the "biggest and best”, in fact it most likely won’t be for everyone. It just gives subscribers a choice as to how they might want to display the IDX listings on their web site. Agents can use this solution with their firm's online approval. 

Can I have the TMLS SmartFrame? If you are the Principal Broker-in-Charge of the company, you may choose to use the TMLS Smart Frame solution. If the Principal Broker-in-Charge approves, the agents may use it also.

Where Can I Get a Link to the TMLS SmartFrame? When you sign up online ( you will be given a unique link to the TMLS SmartFrame. Remember, your BIC must sign up online and approve your use of the TMLS SmartFrame before you can receive your links.

Agents can have the link ONLY if their BIC signs up online and approves the agents use of the TMLS SmartFrameAgents using the TMLS SmartFrame must carry their company banner at the top of all pages displaying the IDX information. When you check the box for TMLS SmartFrame you will get a “thank you email”. This email has your unique link to the TMLS SmartFrame. You will need to forward this email to your web vendor. Tell your vendor that you want him/her to frame the link for you. This is not a generic link; it is unique to each and every REALTOR®


Residential Sold Data Added to IDX

The Triangle MLS Directors have approved the addition of a limited amount of Residential Closed listing data for display on IDX web sites. Adding Closed data to IDX web sites is not a new concept. Many MLSs accross the country and in North Carolina (Triad and Charlotte) have changed their IDX rules permitting brokers/agents to enhance their web sites with sold data.

The brokers and agents of the Triangle MLS are the real estate experts in the greater Triangle area. Adding a limited amount of sold data to IDX sites increases the site's value to consumers and gives IDX web sites a competitive advantage over a lot of national sites. This additional information raises the level of conversation between the REALTOR® and the consumer. The Triangle MLS Directors' decision affects IDX sites only. Closed listing data will not be added to any other advertising portals.

The approved data is now available to vendors providing IDX web site solutions. This includes the Triangle MLS SmartFrame solution.
What Data?
Property Type = Residential
Listing Status = Closed
Sold Date = preceding 36 months
Data = Primary Photo
Address fields - Street number, Street name, Unit number, etc.
Sold Price
Total Baths
Property Type

How do I add Closed listings to my IDX web site?
Talk to the vendor providing your IDX web site to find out if they will be working with the new data feed. Brokers-in-Charge may need to go into the online signup under the Data Syndication tab of to identify which IDX vendors will be willing to add the Closed data. IDX vendors began signing up for the new feed Monday, September 13. The first data feed was available to web site vendors on October 1, 2010.
IDX Rules
IDX Fields
Termination Policy
TMLS Data Security Policy
TMLS Policy Statement
If you have questions about IDX or TMLS SmartFrame, please contact Data Distribution at (919) 654-5419 or email [email protected].
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