Easy access to Triangle MLS forms that are frequently used to make any changes in your Firm or to your account.

Request for Additional MLS Account/Dual Affiliation Form: Submit this packet when you need to access the MLS through more than one office.

MLS of Choice Waiver Form: Use this form to waive MLS fees if you subscribe to another MLS. TMLS provides participants of the option of a waiver of fees, dues, and charges for certain licensees or licensed or certified appraisers affiliated with the participant as described in the TMLS Rules and Regulations.  

Notice of User Termination Form: Submit this form immediately when an agent or administrative assistant leaves your office.

Notice of Office Resignation Form: Use this form to resign your firm from the Triangle Multiple Listing Service.

TMLS Subscriber Agreement: If you are transferring to a different office or firm, please submit this form. If you would prefer to complete the form electronically via DocuSign, please email a request with the agent's full name and email address and the BIC's full name and email address to [email protected]

TMLS Participant Agreement FormUse this form if you are a new Participant. 

Changes in Office Broker-In-Charge Form: This form can be used by Brokers-in-Charge to resign and name their replacement BIC in the Triangle MLS. If you prefer to initiate this change between the outgoing and incoming Broker-In-Charge via DocuSign, click here.

Changes in Office Contact Information: This form can be used by Brokers-in-Charge to update the office's location and contact information in the Triangle MLS.

Please email your forms to [email protected] or fax them to(919) 654-5402 to complete your registration. 


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