MLS Areas

MLS Area/SubAreas to be discontinued



On January 4, 2021, Triangle MLS will discontinue using “MLS Areas” in Paragon and other systems. “MLS Areas” were defined and introduced in the Triangle 25+ years ago to give agents the ability to target specific regions when searching for listings. Over the years, “MLS areas” have become outdated and better ways to define search areas have been available and are being used. E.g., using Paragon map functions to define search boundaries is both comfortable and more precise than what can be achieved with “MLS Areas.”

 What can you do to prepare?

  • Starting now, avoid using MLS Area and Sub Area as search criteria
  • Learn how to use map search. Map Search classes are listed on the Paragon homepage.
  • Begin to convert existing searches you believe will run past January 4, 2021. TMLS training staff have created a video to guide you through this process.
MLS Area Search Conversion
MLS Map Search Recorded Class

If you have any questions about MLS areas, please contact our Triangle MLS Helpdesk via email at [email protected] or via phone at 919-654-5419, Option 1.

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