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Market Trends

11/12/19 Market trends for October are out. The Triangle region continues to be hot! Check out the stats

10/25/19 Thank you to all the vendors and agents that attended the Tech Fair! We had an amazing turnout!

10/15/19 Market trends for September are out. Check them out today! 

10/01/19 Take a look at the classes TMLS offers in house. The schedule through December is now out! 

09/24/19 Check out August's market trends video! 

 09/12/19 August Market Stats are out! See how the triangle region is doing. 

09/11/19 Register for this year's tech fair! Don't Fall Behind in Technology!  

09/03/19 Triangle MLS is waiving 4th Quarter MLS Fees. Read more here! 

07/23/19 SentriKey Real Estate has released new SentriLock video tutorials. Watch them here! 


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Market Trends

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